How to lose an interview: ask about the Joel’s test

Recently I had an interview for a job, for an Austrian company, involved in banking automation.

They are looking for .NET software developers for the Bucharest office.

So I passed the first technical interview at the recruiting company and I went on to discuss with the technical manager and the boss.

They asked, I answered pretty well, except for a couple of questions.

Everything seemed alright for them and for me too.

At the end, when I was asked about my questions about the company, how they work and so on, I pulled-up a piece of paper with Joel’s test.

I like to consider the Joel’s test like a smoke test for software companies. You can find the details here:

The guy seemed a bit shocked but he answered the questions. And the answers made me happy.

I thought, hey, this is a nice company, I might like it here…


But… a couple of days later I got a phone call from the recruiting company saying that the answer was negative, but not for technical reasons but because they were very displeased by my questions, from the Joel’s test.


The conclusion? Be very careful with what you ask your potential employer. 😉


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