Connection timeout because of FasterFox

So, I have installed FasterFox, hoping for a faster FireFox and I configured the add-on. Is not very clear from the text near the option "Disable IPv6 DNS lookups" whether this should be disabled or not.

So I checked the option.

This however led to localhost IIS being unavailable: "The connection has timed out".

Also, if the you have IPv6 (installed by default in Vista and Windows 7) you must have the following line in hosts file, otherwise you won’t be able to access your localhost.

::1             localhost    # IPv6 version of




Windows 7 sweets

Since I’ve recently been accepted into BizSpark program from Microsoft, I’ve decided to give a try to Windows 7. Usually I don’t jump to new versions of Windows until after SP1, but this time I was quite curious to try it.

So I’ve installed Ultimate x64 on a Dell M4400. Not long after, I was greeted with the usual Windows treats:


And this one (open Explorer, select an item on right panel, click on Help, mouse over Tools, View, Edit and when over File, crash):


And another one (right click on a directory in the left panel of Explorer):